A pillar of hope in the Middle East
A unique program in McGill’s School of Social Work is forging powerful connections between community activists in a region of the world that has largely been marked by mistrust.
En route pour les étoiles
Médecin, physicien, ingénieur, astronaute canadien… et, à compter de 2018, chercheur à bord de la Station spatiale internationale. Le parcours du diplômé David Saint-Jacques n’a rien de banal!
The importance of being diplomatic
There’s a lot more to being a senior diplomat than attending posh receptions. Canada’s ambassadors and consuls open doors for trade, deal with delicate (even dangerous) situations and – above all – represent Canada abroad.
Rebooting brain science
With new methods for combing through huge amounts of data and a willingness to share that data in unprecedented ways, McGill is embarking on a new era of neuroscience.
From every corner of the Earth
They come from Boston and Beijing, from Barcelona and Bangalore. More than a quarter of McGill's students come from other countries and they play an essential role in making the University a special place.
A game changer for open science
The Tanenbaum Open Science Institute, created thanks to a $20 million gift from the Larry and Judy Tanenbaum family, will be a catalyst for the Montreal Neurological Institute’s trailblazing open science initiatives
Trekkie Brekkie: Shatner’s matinal musings delight alumni
On a whirlwind visit to Montreal, William Shatner, BCom’52, stopped by for breakfast with McGill alumni. The rest, as they say, is earth history.
Engineering’s new frontier
Engineers have long explored chemical processes, electrical power and mechanical systems. Engineering researchers like Damiano Pasini are now turning their attention to the properties of living things – and that includes us.
Faire de l’effet
Avec Los Angeles, Londres et Paris, Montréal s’est hissée parmi les principaux centres mondiaux du multimédia. Au sein des entreprises phares de ce domaine, comme Moment Factory, bon nombre de diplômés de McGill occupent des postes clés.
Home away from home
Every year, about 3,500 McGill students move into buildings owned and managed by the University. Once they get past the homesickness, these students discover a welcoming community and some surprisingly good food.
In perfect harmony
Students in the McGill Symphony Orchestra benefit from the Schulich School of Music’s tight bonds with the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal. It’s rare for a university to be so closely linked to a world-class orchestra.
Research network focuses on kids with brain-based disabilities
Children with conditions such as cerebral palsy and autism have an important new ally in CHILD-BRIGHT.
Le fabuleux destin de Laurent Duvernay-Tardif
Laurent Duvernay-Tardif s’est vite fait remarquer par les recruteurs de la Ligue nationale de Football (NFL), alors qu’il évoluait au sein des Redmen.
Cowboy science and the origins of the universe
In the beginning, maybe, was the beginning.
Cooking up the future
Salwa Karboune and her students are dreaming up tomorrow’s foods today.
A hospital for the 21st century
The MUHC Glen site is fully operational, and health-care in Montreal will never be the same.
Reinventing chemistry
Some of the brightest lights in the green chemistry movement are pursuing their research at McGill.
Meet the candidates
McGill alumni Joe Oliver, Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair all found time to share a few thoughts with the McGill News before the last election.
Bâtisseur d'image
Il n’est donc pas étonnant que Bertrand Cesvet ait rejoint il y a près de 20 ans la boîte de publicité qui a depuis contribué à mettre Montréal sur l’échiquier mondial de la créativité.
To professor, with love
Who was your favourite teacher at McGill, the one who had the greatest impact on your life? We put the question to some of our accomplished alumni.
Still in touch with the times?
Scholars insist that the study of literature, history and philosophy matters now more than ever.
Masters of sound
What’s the best way to learn how to become a Grammy-winning producer or engineer? By learning from teachers who are Grammy-winning producers or engineers.
Arbitre en chef
La feuille de route d’Yves Fortier est imposante. Depuis une vingtaine d’années, c’est comme arbitre international qu’il laisse sa marque.
Feeling entrepreneurial
Not content to be somebody else’s employee, a new generation of budding business leaders is emerging and they’re determined to make their mark on the world.
Out of the classroom and into the rainforest
The Panama Field Studies Semester offers McGill undergraduates a unique opportunity to experience the complexity of environmental issues up-close.
A long way from home
Facing culture shock, unusual food and tough academic challenges, McGill’s MasterCard Foundation Scholars have begun their journey towards becoming future leaders for Africa.
En mission spéciale pour la science
Julie Payette, B.Ing. 1986, D.Sc. 2003, a longtemps été la personnalité la plus associée au secteur aérospatial au Canada; son nouveau terrain de jeu, c’est le Centre des sciences de Montréal.
A turning point for teaching
Increasingly, students are listening to their course lectures on their laptops, far from campus. The emergence of MOOCs (massive open online courses) looks to be a game-changer.
Law in the big leagues
McGill’s Faculty of Law produces more Supreme Court clerks than any other law school in the country. For the students who receive that invitation to Ottawa, it’s a life-changer.
Not your typical art snob
He is one of the most influential figures in the Canadian art world, but the road that Marc Mayer took to get there was certainly off the beaten track.
Getting a better handle on hunger
Hugo Melgar-Quiñonez, the new director of McGill’s unique Institute for Global Food Security, says we don’t do a good job of gauging how much food the world’s hungry really need.
Le nouveau chef d’orchestre de la Place des Arts
McGill News l’a rencontré à l’occasion du cinquantenaire du plus important complexe des arts de la scène au Canada.
The producers
They don’t receive the same fawning admiration that film journals lavish upon top directors. They don’t get the glitzy Vanity Fair photo spreads that movie stars regard as their due. But they’re the driving force behind the movie industry [...]
A legal case for anger
Looking at photos of a younger Payam Akhavan, you notice something straight away. It’s how he is dressed. Not the crisp white shirt and tastefully funky tie you’d expect of a Harvard-trained lawyer in the early days of a promising career, [...]
They shoot, they score, he heals
McGill doctors play a key role in keeping the Montreal Canadiens’ players healthy. David Mulder, the team’s long-time chief physician, has witnessed plenty of high-stakes drama, both on and off the ice.
Cause for celebration
Campaign McGill raised more than a billion dollars for the University. The benefits will be spread far and wide, but McGill’s students are the biggest winners.
The Heather decade
It was never dull. During a 10-year period in which McGill dealt with daunting challenges and enjoyed impressive victories, the one constant was the woman at the helm of the University.
Bridging the linguistic divide
Translating the work of a gifted writer from one language to another is a tricky business. No less an authority than Umberto Eco once summed it up by saying that “translation is the art of a failure.”
Holding politicians' feet to the fire
“This is Power & Politics, and you are where you need to be,” intones Evan Solomon, BA’90, MA’92, each weekday as he welcomes TV viewers to CBC News Network’s two-hour political talkfest from the nation’s capital.
The climate change conundrum
Scientists are in agreement: Climate change is happening and the consequences could be dire. So why aren’t we doing more about it?
A world of opportunities
Thanks to more than 200 internships available through the Faculty of Arts, undergraduates are taking their education beyond the classroom and often far beyond the campus.
The Maria effect
Maria Eitel, BA’84, helped rescue Nike from a PR nightmare and led the way as the company was transformed into an international role model.
Blue skies for the little guy
Thanks to shrewd business planning and an emphasis on customer service, Robert Deluce, BSc’71, has built Porter, his upstart airline company, into a force to be reckoned with.
Murder they wrote
You’d probably have to hire a detective to find the few people out there who’ve never been hooked by a Law & Order rerun, a moody noir thriller, or a cozy.
Temps d'arrêt
Elle a gagné de nombreuses médailles, battu des records mondiaux, dépassé ses limites. Mais aujourd’hui, si vous demandez à Valérie Grand’Maison [...]
Favourite haunts
McGill is an awfully big place, with about 300 buildings spread out over two campuses. But most of us experience McGill in small chunks. And, over time, we form powerful attachments [...]
A Master of Living in the Moment
As the honours and accolades continue to flow for Leonard Cohen, BA’55, DLitt’92, his latest album offers further proof that the world’s smoothest septuagenarian will never go out of style.
A killer begins to spill its secrets
Cancer researchers are feeling upbeat these days as advances in molecular medicine offer an unprecedented understanding of how the disease develops — and how it might be defeated.
This 100 year old is in awfully good shape
From professionalizing the teaching of phys-ed in schools, to developing new insights into the science of fitness, the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education has much to celebrate as it marks its 100th anniversary.
Uncommon reading material
Three unique publications, all created by McGill grads, are thriving thanks to their determination to be distinct by Lucas Wisenthal, BA’03, and Sheldon Gordon From welfare to media empire The story of Vice is by now the stuff of hipster legend.
Ready for their Olympic moment
Meet three of the McGillians determined to make their mark at the London Games.
Retour aux sources
Près de 60 pour cent des professeurs que McGill a attirés depuis 2000 venaient de l’étranger. Parmi eux, on trouve de nombreux Québécois qui étaient allés poursuivre leurs études ou avaient entamé leur carrière ailleurs.
Confessions of a picky eater
There are definite perks to being a TV star. When Gail Simmons, BA'98, decided she’d like to stroll into a version of Willy Wonka’s land of sweets, pastry chefs on Top Chef: Just Desserts rolled up their sleeves and got busy.
Three Takes on These Troubling Times
Headlines have been supplying no shortage of economic gloom recently, with financial markets whipsawing wildly in response. Some nations teeter on the brink, while others debate the costs of throwing them a lifeline.
How Montreal perfected hockey
Take a dash of McGill ingenuity, add a pinch of French-Canadian flair and sprinkle liberally with Irish grit. According to bestselling author Adam Gopnik, that’s the recipe that has made hockey “the greatest of all games.”
What I learned at the McGill Daily
We asked several McGill Daily alums to share some of the lessons they learned while toiling at the fabled student newspaper. Here are some of their responses.
The oldest rabble-rouser on campus
For 100 years, the McGill Daily (also known as the “McGill School of Journalism”) has trained some of the country’s best reporters, while giving senior McGill administrators frequent cause to reach for the antacids.
Moments that changed McGill
As McGill celebrates its 190th anniversary, we take stock of some of the moments that helped shape the University’s identity.
Judge Judy n’a qu’à bien se tenir
Le moins que l’on puisse dire au sujet d’Anne-France Goldwater, c’est qu’elle ne passe pas inaperçue, que ce soit par son franc-parler ou par les causes qu’elle défend.
A living laboratory
While Macdonald Campus hasn’t abandoned its rural roots, its researchers are now active throughout the world, tackling some of the globe’s biggest challenges.
A rural revolution
Since its founding 100 years ago, Macdonald Campus has turned agricultural studies on its head — and sent thousands of grads out into the world armed with a great education, a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude and priceless memories.
The campus that never was
Over the years, there have been plenty of proposed McGill buildings that, for one reason or another, never saw the light of day. Here’s a glimpse of the McGill that could have been.
Are your genes your destiny? (Not if your mom has anything to say about it)
What if your ability to pay the rent, to buy groceries or the nature of your relationships set up your children for cardiovascular problems, diabetes or even mental health issues?
The adventurous virtuoso
Matt Haimovitz has a knack for the unexpected. One of the most widely admired cellists of his generation, Haimovitz takes a certain delight in performing in places where classical musicians of his stature simply aren’t expected to turn up.
Who are the Greatest McGillians?
Which McGill figure—professor, benefactor, administrator, staff member or graduate—had the greatest impact?
De la rue Sherbrooke à la Grande-Allée
De nombreux membres de l’Assemblée nationale du Québec—et de toutes allégeances—sont passés par les bancs de l’Université McGill.
Arrestingly antiquated
In addition to Matt Haimovitz and Win Butler BA’01, Darcy James Argue, BMus’97, and his group Secret Society (which includes trombonist Mike Facie, BMus’98) were also in the running for the Grammys.
A Juno jubilee
Are you planning to watch the Juno Awards on March 27? If you do, there’ll be no shortage of McGill nominees to cheer for. Meet some of the McGillians preparing for their big night.
Bound for Broadway
Allan Scott co-wrote one of the spookiest movies of all time and he helped transform Macallan into a beloved whiskey around the world. For his next act, he is taking his theatrical production of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert to the biggest stage of them all.
The restless Nobelist
Jack Szostak, BSc’72, could have comfortably rested on his laurels after producing the work that earned him a Nobel Prize, but that just isn’t his way. Now he is hoping to solve one of the biggest mysteries of all: How did life begin?
Fighting for the right
Fifty years ago, the United Nations passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, originally drafted by law professor John Humphrey BCom'25, BA'27, BCL'29, PhD'45, LLD'76.
A word with the principal
For McGill to continue to serve an exciting role in higher education, we need to remain the best game in town and the only international game in town. By "town," I don't mean Montreal, I mean the broader environment.
The reel deal
Tall and slim, with curly hair and an easy smile, Jake Eberts doesn't look the part of a big-time movie producer.
A force for change
Charles Scriver, BA’51, MDCM’55, DSc’07, doesn’t know what all the fuss is about. He seems surprised by the notion that the McGill News wants to write about his accomplishments. But there is no denying that Scriver is special.
How green is my campus
Local food. Energy innovations. A car-free campus. Sustainability is on the agenda and McGill is making all the right moves.
Not your typical classroom
McGill offers its students a wide range of learning environments that are out of the ordinary.
Un verre de lait, c’est bien. Avec de la vitamine D, c’est mieux!
Au Québec comme ailleurs, le pédiatre Charles Scriver une véritable pionnier en génétique et en recherche sur la santé des enfants
A winning way with words
For more than 80 years, the members of the McGill Debating Union, one of the University’s oldest and most successful student clubs, have been persuasively prize-worthy.
Keeping writers company
Now celebrating the 20th anniversary of her highly regarded Writers & Company, Eleanor Wachtel is one of the best loved figures on the Canadian literary scene.
Solving the Pain Puzzle
McGill pain researchers are recognized as among the world’s best. They’re focusing their efforts on the sometimes baffling phenomenon that affects us all.
Little Liars
According to McGill’s Victoria Talwar, young children are much better at lying than their parents often realize. But kids also know how to tell the truth when it matters the most.
Lettres modernes
Fondé en 1853, le Département de langue et littérature françaises de McGill s’est considérablement transformé au fil des décennies. Plus que jamais, ses acteurs contribuent à façonner le paysage littéraire québécois.
A feast for the eyes
Stroll through the downtown campus and you’ll have the opportunity to drink in works of art by some of Quebec’s top talents and some of the world’s most influential masters.
 Make-believe McGillians
Some of the University’s most remarkable graduates – daring doctors, stellar scientists and international adventurers – never actually existed.
On the write track
Established in 1853, McGill’s Department of French Language and Literature plays an influential role in shaping Quebec’s literary landscape.
McGillians on ice
While NHL head coaches Mike Babcock and Guy Boucher have drawn plenty of attention for steering their respective teams to winning records, they aren’t the only McGill grads making waves in the NHL.
The shape of things to come: Twelve takes on the future
As we find ourselves embarking on a new decade, we thought we would ask a dozen McGill professors in their respective area of expertise about the sorts of things we might expect to see in the years ahead.
Golden girl
Jenn Heil is one of Canada’s top medal hopes for the Vancouver Games. The gritty moguls champ received some crucial help along the way—and she is eager to return the favour.
Penfield's brainchild
Seventy-five years ago, the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital began a bold campaign to reshape the way we learned about the brain. The revolution is going well.
All the world's a stage
Rehearsing till midnight? Cramming for exams between productions? It’s all worth it for the thrill of the curtain rising on opening night.
Engineering flies high
McGill researchers are making major contributions to Montreal’s burgeoning aerospace industry.
A citizen of the world
For more than a decade, between 1992 and 2003, Céline Galipeau, BA’80, was one of Canada’s most respected foreign correspondents, earning plaudits and awards for her coverage of news events in London, Moscow, Paris and Beijing.
Six-word wonders: Meet our winners
Here are three (very) brief tales that made a big impression on alumni voters.
Citoyenne du monde
Entre son enfance et ses multiples affectations à l’étranger pour Radio-Canada, Céline Galipeau aura effectué un véritable tour du monde. Elle raconte son retour au pays et son passage remarqué à la barre du Téléjournal.
Risky Business
Professor Tom Naylor patrols the shady side of economics, from black markets to ecological devastation.
Australopithecus or Adam's Rib?
As the battle between scientists and creationists over teaching evolution in schools seems to be heating up, McGill’s Evolution Education Research Centre spreads the evolutionary gospel.
Trans Canada Trail Blazer
John Bellini, BA'72The executive director of the Trans Canada Trail Foundation has some of this country's biggest corporations on speed-dial as he spends hours drumming up corporate support for the project of his dreams.
Game Over: Legendary Football Coach Retires
After leaving an indelible mark in 29 years as head coach and racking up the most wins in school history, the man known as the “dean of Canadian university football” is retiring.
Long-Winded Story Tellers Need Not Apply
McGill’s award-winning Six Words campaign proves that a gripping yarn requires only a handful of words.
Je choisis McGill
About 17 per cent of McGill’s student body—close to 6,000 students—is francophone. Most choose McGill either to improve their knowledge of English or to enjoy the benefits of studying at a world-class university while remaining close to their culture of origin.
McGill en français? Plus que jamais!
McGill a bien changé depuis l’époque de McGill français, mouvement qui condamnait notamment l’unilinguisme de l’Université. Aujourd’hui, le français y est bien présent.
Packing a Literary Punch
As comics become a cultural force, McGill graduates are making their mark.
Banding together against Diabetes
In 1970, Ann Macaulay was the first external physician ever hired by the Mohawk community to tend to their medical needs. Noticing that too may of her Mohawk patients were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, she began a research study to find out more.
Taking the Pulse of the North
A huge portion of Quebec—including the Cree and Inuit territories— turns to McGill for much of their health care needs
A Voice to Reckon With
SANFORD SYLVAN, an assistant professor of performance in the Schulich School of Music, was a Grammy finalist in the category of Best Classical Vocal Performance.
She's No Gossip Girl
As Canada's privacy commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, BCL'80, is the country's official advocate for the privacy rights of its citizens.
Les yeux tournés vers le ciel
L’amélioration des prévisions météorologiques est littéralement dans la ligne de mire du radar d’Isztar Zawadzki.
The People's Historian
Whether she's researching contraceptives or tranquilizers, for Andrea Tone, medical history is really the story of everyday lives.
The Comeback Kid
Did you know that, William Shatner the resolute starship captain who punched out Klingons and grumpily endured Tribbles was in fact a fellow Montrealer, and McGillian.
McGill’s valedictorians hit the stage this spring with a common goal: Don’t be lame.
Percer le code du diabète
Une analyse révolutionnaire de l'ADN révèle que le diabète de type 2 est beaucoup plus complexe qu'on ne le croyait, pour le plus grand bonheur des chercheurs.
Nobody does it better
Mike Babcock, BEd’86, is one of the most respected coaches in the world of hockey. Some of his best work, though, takes place away from the rink.
Ruining Reputations with a Click of a Mouse
Fear, depression, suicide: When cyberbullying creeps into today's schools, there's a lot more at stake than just lunch money.
Close to the Throne
It can be lonely at the top. When Canada's leaders wrestle with tough decisions and unexpected calamities, who do they turn to for wise counsel?
Norman Spector, BA'70
Norman Spector, BA'70 Deputy Minister in the Office of the Premier of British Columbia (1982 to 1986) and Chief of Staff to former prime minister Brian Mulroney (1990 to 1992)
Stanley Hartt, BA'58, MA'61, BCL'63
Stanley Hartt, BA'58, MA'61, BCL'63, Chief of Staff to former prime minister Brian Mulroney (1989 to 1990).
John Parisella, MA'71
John Parisella, MA'71, Chief of Staff to former Quebec premiers Robert Bourassa and Daniel Johnson (1989 to 1994).
Eddie Goldenberg, BA'69, MA'71, BCL'74, LLD'04
Eddie Goldenberg, BA'69, MA'71, BCL'74, LLD'04, Senior Policy Adviser (1993 to 2003) and Chief of Staff (2003) to former prime minister Jean Chrétien.
Gerald Butts, BA'93, MA'96
Gerald Butts, BA'93, MA'96, Principal Secretary to Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty (2003 to 2008).
Ian Brodie, BA'90
Ian Brodie, BA'90, Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper (2006 to 2008)
A Wedding to Remember
It's been a busy year for Jacqueline Aubie, MA'04, with six weddings to attend. On May 17, Aubie was maid of honour as her lifelong friend, Autumn Kelly, BA'02, married Peter Phillips, the Queen's eldest grandchild.
Dr. Spaceman
Astronaut Dave Williams has hung up his flight suit, but he's not done with space just yet.
Understanding Islam
In its 56 years of existence, McGill's Institute of Islamic Studies has grown from a gesture of interfaith camaraderie to a vital site of wide-ranging study.
Ideas That Made History
How McGill minds and their "Eureka!" moments helped change the world.
A Montreal Murder Mystery
On the morning of June 14 1901, Montrealers awoke to shocking news. The night before, the sound of gunshots had disturbed the normal tranquility amongst the gracious mansions of the city's Square Mile.
Simply the Best
For many hockey teams, last year would have constituted a dream season. A Quebec championship. A second place finish at the nationals. A small smattering of losses against a hugely impressive collection of wins. Not enough, though, for the McGill Martlets.
A Gift Rewarded
To help mark its 150th anniversary, the McGill Alumni Association held a contest, inviting graduates to submit some of their most memorable McGill moments.
True to Their School
William Dawson was a principal with a problem. His university, quite literally, was a mess.
Have Dental Drill, Will Travel
It's a Thursday evening in late September, at Montreal's Dans la rue, located on a downtrodden east-end strip, where the non-profit organization helps street youth get their lives on track.
Inventer l'Avenir
Lorsqu'on l'a invitée à participer à la conférence de presse du 18 octobre marquant le lancement officiel de la Campagne de financement McGill : Inventer l'avenir [...]
History in the Making
It was an event that will almost certainly be regarded as a milestone in McGill's long history, but when Lilia Koleva was invited to take part, she was sorely tempted to say no.
Pulling no Punches
Mark Wainberg, BSc'66, is not an easy man to intimidate. During his years as president of the International AIDS Society, he grew used to dealing with power-happy politicians as well as activists, the media and senior executives of drug companies.
Apprivoiser les traumatismes
Une étoile montante s’attache à alléger le poids des souvenirs oppressants.
Building the Case Against Evil
McGill law students are helping international courts bring war criminals to justice.
Net gains
The McGill Martlets came oh-so-close to earning a national championship this year. They’ll be even better next season.
The Star Gazer
Award-winning astrophysicist Vicky Kaspi is shedding light on cosmic mysteries and has built an academic program from scratch.
Convocation - Cheers to the Class of 2007
The sun was hot, the air heavy with pride and relief. This spring, 6,000 new graduates and 14 honorary degree recipients donned caps and gowns for a week of ceremony and celebration.
Edeet Ravel
Edeet Ravel, MA'86, PhD'92, had been writing long before she came to McGill.
Golda Fried
Gold Fried's BA’94 book, Nellcott is My Darling had been nominated for a Governor General's Literary Award.
David Bezmozgis
When David Bezmozgis, BA’96, published his short story collection, Natasha and Other Stories, in 2004, the result was, in veteran critic Robert Fulford’s words, a “one-man shock-and-awe invasion of North American literature.”
Colin McAdam
Colin McAdam admits to being a grump when he is working on his writing, he is a happy fellow at the moment. Just days before being interviewed by the McGill News, McAdam’s wife, writer Jaclyn Moriarty, gave birth to the couple’s first child.
Mary Lawson
Is there a downside to penning a critically acclaimed international bestseller? Mary Lawson would argue yes.
The Write Stuff
Canadian literature has never been healthier and some of the country’s finest authors have emerged from McGill.
Détectives Scientifiques
Le Laboratoire de sciences judiciaires et de médecine légale de Montréal est l’un des plus anciens et des plus connus au monde dans son domaine. [...]
The delicate balance of biodiversity
Biodiversity, or the range of species in a given environment, has an effect on how that environment functions as a system. But so far we know very little about how organisms interact in ecosystems.
Visionary Voyageur
McGill biochemist Nahum Sonenberg thinks of himself as an explorer. But the waters he metaphorically sails swirl within us – they are the uncharted passages of the human body and invisible to the naked eye.
High Marks for Mini Schools
Good things really do come in small packages, judging by the crowds who have flocked to McGill's "Mini" educational programs.
L'équipe sportive de McGill qui connaît le plus de succès actuellement est aussi l'une des plus improbables. Ces athlètes ont les dents bien aiguisées et la ferme intention de se tailler un chemin vers le championnat.
Let us compare mythologies: A quick glimpse at two music giants
A quick glimpse into the lives of Burt Bacharach, AMus'48, DMus'72 and Leonard Cohen, BA'55, DLitt'92.
School of Rock
Montreal's music scene is exploding and McGill alumni are playing pivotal roles, earning rave reviews and gunning for Grammys.
McGill's Top Ten Newsmakers
When you're good at what you do people tend to notice. McGill's professors are among the best in the world at what they do and the global media certainly took notice, making 2005 a high-profile year for McGill.
Du sang neuf dans les facultés
S'il y a présentement beaucoup de nouveaux visages parmi les professeurs de McGill, c'est que l'Université est à mi-chemin d'une vaste campagne de recrutement qui lui permettra d'embaucher 1000 nouveaux enseignants d'ici la fin de la décennie.
Java Justice: The Battle for Fair Trade
Through campaigns she began as a McGill student, Laure Waridel, BA'96, has helped change consumer attitudes and corporate behaviour. With a combination of savvy and charm, she has led some major food fights.
Sharing the Wealth
McGill joins the name game in a big way as a music lover endows the Faculty of Management and an entrepreneur transforms the Faculty of Music.
The Story of the Three Bares
In the 75 years since the Bares first came to McGill, the statue has meant many things to many people.
Le physicien philosophe
Le professeur Mario Bunge, titulaire de la chaire John Frothingham de logique et métaphysique à l'Université McGill, est un philosophe des sciences de renommée internationale.
Plain-spoken People's Hero
One of the most talked-about women in Canada in the last couple of years is Sheila Fraser, BCom’72. This mother of three has politicians squirming and has already changed the shape of government.
Digging Deep: Mining Students Hit the Motherlode
It's damp and dirty work, but going underground provides McGill's mining engineering students with a golden opportunity.
The Green Chemistry Revolution
Meet some McGill professors who are charting a new course for an old science.
Un excellent tremplin pour se lancer en affaires
Richard Bruno, BSc'67, a accédé au poste de directeur du Bureau de transfert de technologies l'été dernier.
Fall from Grace
Henry Mintzberg, BEng'61, was the first business professor in the country whose work was deemed impressive enough to earn entry into the prestigious and choosy Royal Society of Canada.
Making Waves
AQUA, the product of a three-year research collaboration between McGill, York and Dalhousie universities, is the brainchild of Dudek and Michael Jenkin from York, who decided several years ago to design a robot that could walk, swim and see.
In Tune with the Future: A New Dynamic for the Faculty of Music
There's a hot new vibe happening at Canada's top music school, one that will make McGill a world leader in a fascinating - and sometimes surprising - range of research.
Doués mais aussi bûcheurs!
Discipline, passion et esprit de compétition. Ces mots devraient être inscrits sur la carte de visite des étudiant(e)s que vous allez découvrir dans les lignes qui suivent. Chacun possède une force qui lui a permis de trôner au sommet de sa promotion à McGill.
Cheering on McGill Sports Stars through the Years
In 1996, the McGill Sports Hall of Fame was established to honour the best of McGill’s student-athletes. With a proud tradition of sporting accomplishments since its founding, the University is recognizing some historic heroes.
Stacking the Deck: Is High Tech Helping Students Cheat?
Oh what a tangled web is the Internet and how alluring for those who may be tempted to deceive.
In the News: Brian Ward
Brian Ward, MDCM'80, Chief of McGill's Division of Infectious Diseases, Associate Director of the Centre for Tropical Diseases and investigator in the Centre for the Study of Host Resistance, is an expert on viruses and vaccines.
Architect Percy Erskine Nobbs
Today, eight buildings on McGill campus designed by Percy Nobbs stand as monuments to his vision, as do others in locations as far flung as British Columbia and South Africa.
The Workshop of a Literary Great
More than 20 years ago, François Ricard received the kind of gift that an ambitious young scholar might kill for. And he gave it away.
Dans la tête de Gabrielle Roy
Il y a une vingtaine d'années, François Ricard se voit offrir sur un plateau d'argent un manuscrit. N'importe quel jeune universitaire aux dents longues aurait vendu son âme pour être à sa place. Pourtant, il a préféré décliner l'invitation.
Dateline Baghdad
John Burns is adamant about one thing. He is not a hero. Yet given the way he keeps risking his life to report from war-torn regions or to shed light on the brutish practices of dictators and despots, he sure acts like one.
Swimming in Memory
In September, McClelland and Stewart released I'll Tell You A Secret: A Memory of Seven Summers, Anne Coleman's first published work. Only weeks later the book was shortlisted for a Governor General's Literary Award.
Meet the Principal
She may be the busiest woman in Montreal. McGill Principal Heather Munroe-Blum says she is a high-energy person who needs little sleep -- a good thing, because she can't be getting much shut-eye these days.
Les Coups de coeur de nos curateurs
McGill a plusieurs musées et collections répartis entre les deux campus. Sept curateurs ont accepté de nous parler de la pièce de leur collection qu'ils affectionnent tout particulièrement.
For the Love of the Game
These days, if you are looking for job security, don't consider becoming a coach in the National Basketball Association. Just ask Kevin O'Neill, BEd'79, who fell victim to the tough job market this past year.
The Century Club: Marking Some McGill Milestones
Champagne corks have been popping for many members of the McGill community as some special anniversaries come up in 2004.
In the News: Dick Pound
McGill Chancellor Dick Pound, BCom'62, BCL'67, has been part of the Olympic movement for more than 40 years as athlete, advocate and IOC Vice- President.
A Visit to Mac
It's hard to walk very far on McGill grounds without running into some part of the Sir William Macdonald legacy, but his superlative gift to the University is Macdonald Campus.
Avis de recherche : la gente masculine
Les hommes sont minoritaires à McGill, et leurs rangs se dégarnissent lentement, mais sûrement. À l'heure actuelle, on dénombre trois femmes pour deux hommes dans les programmes de premier cycle. [...]
The ABCs of CEOs
It seems we can't quite make up our minds how we feel about CEOs. One moment, they're portrayed as villains, epitomized by J.R. Ewing and his shark-like grin. The next, they're no-nonsense, can-do stalwarts, typified by General Electric's fabled Jack Welch.
A Mind for Music: Dan Levitin's Journey from Rock to Research
If you think you can't carry a tune in a basket, then you'll be interested to know that psychology professor Dr. Dan Levitin probably disagrees with you.
Terror in Moscow
Vesselin Nedkov reflects on his time as a hostage of the Chechen terrorist group.
La vie en résidence: un art de vivre
Comment Surtaxa Haider, un professeur dans la trentaine et son intrépide épouse ont-ils accepté de s'accommoder dans une residence pour les étudiants de McGill?
Critical Care
Nursing is in crisis across the continent as huge shortages loom, but the profession is also transforming and expanding at McGill.
Shifting Sands
On the edge of the desert, in the booming Gulf city-state of Dubai, a McGill Law graduate has created a verdant oasis for a new breed of lawyers in the conservative Middle East. Women.
Extreme Research: Traveling the Globe
McGill palaeontologist Hans Larsson, BSc'94, and his five-member team braved numerous hazards during the course of a three-week research expedition to Bylot Island, Nunavut, in Canada's high Arctic, this past August.
La gestion au profit de l'innovation sociale
Les étudiants et professeurs de la Faculté de gestion de l'Université McGill travaillent à des projets qui sont liés à l'innovation sociale, la responsabilisation des entreprises et la durabilité de l'environnement.
It's a Nano World
These days, the prefix "nano" draws a lot of attention.
Leaning on a Legacy: Tilting Finds its Future in the Past
It's here in the tiny community of Newfoundland that McGill Architecture professor Robert Mellin comes to be inspired, to work, to do research and to renew his enthusiasm for rural Newfoundland's vernacular architecture.
Leading the Way: A Special Series of Articles on Research
To celebrate being named Research University of the Year in Canada, the News brings you a special series of articles on research at McGill.
South Africa's Long Walk Out of History
A recent law grad reflects on the year he spent working and touring in South Africa, a country slowly making its way along the difficult path to democracy and opportunity for all its citizens.
Mending Body and Soul
So where can you find hot tubs, massages and toned physiques on campus? McGill's Sport Medicine Clinic offers all that to ailing would-be Bruny Surins, along with the good spirits of a well-oiled team on a winning streak.
La Clinique de médecine sportive : des gens qui se donnent corps et âme
Où trouve-t-on des cuves thermales, des tables de massage et des appareils de musculation sur le campus? À la Clinique de médecine sportive de McGill, bien sûr.
McGill Up Close
McGill has always had a reputation as a beautiful university setting. In this series of photographs from Claudio Calligaris, we take an up-close look at some of the things at McGill that people pass by every day and may never have stopped to examine.
Playing the Game: Don Meehan Wins Respect and Top Salaries
Don Meehan, LLB'75, isn't a bank president or an investment guru. He is, however, the most powerful player agent in the world of hockey.
A Fine Balance: The Art and Science of Architecture
The architect must be a jack of many trades -- yet perhaps master of none. Meet a trio of internationally acclaimed practitioners of this demanding profession who are at ease with all its complex elements.
The McGill News Summer Reading List
Travel to the Greek isle of Crete and prepare for mouth-watering food writing. Peek into bedrooms throughout history to learn the secrets of mistresses. Or read interviews with some of the greatest minds of our time.
Alchemy in the Archives
For 40 years, archivists have been sorting and storing the materials that chronicle the history of McGill. Join us for a poke through the University's "attic," where once-mundane objects become fascinating artifacts.
The Surprising Career of Virginia Carter
From high-altitude physics to Hollywood, from precious gems to life-saving soap operas, Virginia Carter has enjoyed the tumultuous ride.
Home Sweet Home
McGill graduates reminisce on their memories living in the McGill residences.