Trekkie Brekkie: Shatner’s matinal musings delight alumni
On a whirlwind visit to Montreal, William Shatner, BCom’52, stopped by for breakfast with McGill alumni. The rest, as they say, is earth history.
Delving into the psyches of dangerous drivers
Assistant professor of psychiatry Thomas Brown examines why some drivers are reckless behind the wheel and the distinctions between different types of dangerous drivers.
Treating trauma on a city-wide scale
Alain Brunet has pioneered an effective new treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. He is introducing it to Paris, a city still recovering from the devastating terrorist attacks.
Research network focuses on kids with brain-based disabilities
Children with conditions such as cerebral palsy and autism have an important new ally in CHILD-BRIGHT.
In defence of psychiatry
In his best-selling book How Can I Help?, David Goldbloom, MDCM’81, DipPsych’85, offers an inside look at the world of psychiatry.
The rigours of The Revenant
Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t the only one enduring the elements during the filming of the Oscar-winning The Revenant. Michael Diner, BSc’87, was the movie’s supervising art director.