Ninety years of News (and counting)

The McGill News published its first issue in December 1919. Stephen Leacock himself served as the head of the magazine’s editorial board during its early years.

The magazine regularly highlights the achievements of McGill’s graduates and provides the latest news about the University and the people who populate it.

The McGill News is published twice a year by the McGill Alumni Association.

Letters to the editor & Alumnotes

We welcome letters to the editor, but space doesn’t always allow us to publish every letter that we receive. Letters should address the content of the magazine, so please refer to a specific article or item from the magazine when you write.

We reserve the right to edit letters for space, grammar and/or clarity. The News reserves the right to decide whether a letter is acceptable for publication. We prefer that letters to the editor be no longer than 200 words.

The McGill News regularly publishes a section called “Alumnotes” to give graduates the opportunity to keep up-to-date on the lives of their former classmates and to share their own news with our readers. Submissions should be no more than 60 words in length. Anything longer than that might be edited for length. Both letters and submissions to “Alumnotes” can be sent to [email protected].

In Memoriam

In each issue of the McGill News, we publish the names of graduates and former faculty and staff members who have recently passed away. If you know of such an individual and you would like to see his/her name appear in the magazine’s “In Memoriam” section, please send his/her name, as well as the date of death and the city in which it took place, to [email protected].

It would be of great assistance if you could include some proof of death – an obituary from a newspaper or church newsletter, for instance. In cases where we are uncertain about the authenticity of the information we are receiving, we will err on the side of caution and not publish it.