Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Chloë Ryan and a robot from Acrylic Robotics People

A marriage of art and technology

Chloë Ryan is an artist, a McGill-trained engineer, and the CEO/founder of Acrylic Robotics. Her company plans to partner with artists to make high-quality reproductions of their work – right down to the brushstrokes – by using robots and AI. The goal is to help artists find new markets for their creations.

Illustration of a DNA string being manipulation by both human and robot hands Health

New non-profit targets under-researched diseases

McGillians are playing key roles in Conscience, a new non-profit initiative that hopes to use artificial intelligence and a “team sport” approach to encourage research into the rare diseases and potential threats that Big Pharma tends to ignore.

Luc Sirois smiling People

Leading the charge for innovation in Quebec

As Quebec’s chief innovation officer, Luc Sirois, BEng’92, hopes to contribute to the province’s economic growth.

Machine cyber mind Webcasts

Are intelligent machines making us dumber?

The rise of AI tools like ChatGPT have brought about remarkable advances across so many domains, but many have begun to question whether these technological developments risk sapping the human race of what makes us human.

Elsa-Vasseur with a cow Discovery

Better, longer lives for cattle, courtesy of AI

Can artificial intelligence help dairy cows have healthier lives? That’s what McGill’s Elsa Vasseur plans to find out as one of the co-chairs of the new Research and Innovation Chair in Animal Welfare and Artificial Intelligence.

Abhishek Gupta speaking behind a podium People

Exploring the ethical implications of AI

As we grapple with the ethical issues surrounding advances in artificial intelligence, Montreal AI Ethics Institute founder Abhishek Gupta, BSc’15, is becoming an increasingly influential voice in those discussions.


AI startups in the hunt for $5 million IBM Watson Prize

Erudite AI and aifred health, two of the top 10 teams competing for an international AI award, were created by McGill graduates. Both startups are using AI to help people improve their lives.


Applying AI to the #MeToo landscape

Ritika Dutt, BA’13, and her company Botler AI use artificial intelligence techniques to help victims of sexual misconduct gain a clearer sense of their legal rights.

Joëlle Pineau and Doina Precup Discovery

Rise of the machines

Montreal has become a global hotspot for cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence. As AI transforms the world of technology, McGill computer scientists Doina Precup and Joëlle Pineau are playing leading roles.

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