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How Michel Tremblay became a Scottish sensation

Playwright Michel Tremblay is one of Quebec’s most revered artists, but his works have also been celebrated in Scotland, thanks to the Scots translations of his plays by Martin Bowman, BA’67, MA’69, and Bill Findlay. Those translations were recently collected in the two-volume Michel Tremblay: Plays in Scots.

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Taking stock of the state of English in Canada

Do English-speaking Canadians still say “chesterfield”? Are we more likely to opt for “Zee” or Zed”? These are some of the questions that McGill associate professor of linguistics Charles Boberg hopes to answer with a national survey that is looking at how English is being spoken in different parts of the country.


Exploring the way we communicate online

In her bestselling book Because Internet, Gretchen McCulloch, MA’14, a linguistics columnist for Wired, explores emoji, memes, and the way we use language on our digital devices.


Canada’s new language watchdog

The country’s new commissioner of official languages, Raymond Théberge, PhD’84, sees linguistic duality as “a foundational piece of Canada.”

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