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Pages N and O of the book AMAZE: A McGill A to Z Experience On Campus

A Library with a sense of fun

The McGill Library has a vibrant interactive book hot off the press and a new online trivia game that showcases some of McGill’s trailblazers. They’re the latest examples of the Library’s playful approach to celebrating the University’s rich history while shining a light on its own unique collections.

On Campus

The McGill Library remains a digital safe haven

When it comes to the McGill Library, appearances can be deceiving. While its doors have been locked since the middle of March, the Library’s 180 staff have been hard at work behind the scenes, serving users, creating virtual resources, cataloguing new items, and helping to ease the stress of self-isolation.

Alberto Manguel On Campus

The unique and the unusual: Exploring the McGill Library’s treasures

In a series of conversations, Alberto Manguel and some of Canada’s most prominent writers will discuss everything from human zoos to Quebec detective fiction – every topic is inspired by items from McGill’s unique library and archive collections.

On Campus

Book shines light on Library’s rich trove

Many Women, Many Voices is a new book that shines a spotlight on some of the unique items in the McGill Library’s ROARr collections – and on some of the amazing women who have made important contributions to the University.

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