Mental Health


Treating the pandemic’s psychological scars

McGill psychiatry professor Alain Brunet has received international attention for his innovative approach to treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). His techniques have been proven to be beneficial for the victims of terror attacks and violent crimes.

On Campus

Student Wellness Hub rolls out virtual mental health programming

In this time of heightened anxiety, McGill’s Student Wellness Hub has been a lifeline for students stranded at home, offering virtual mental health programming with a wide range of individual and group services online. (Plus, tips to stay motivated while self-isolating.)

Two hands holding mugs of tea Health

When you need to vent

Sometimes, when you are facing a rough patch, it can make a huge difference to just be able to talk about your problems with a sympathetic listener. That's the thinking behind Vent over Tea, a service created by young McGillians.


Reevaluating what it means to be a man

In her new book For the Love of Men, Liz Plank, BA’10, examines the ways in which we have traditionally defined masculinity, and makes the case for why those gender expectations are harming men.


Tonight’s homework is getting enough sleep

Reut Gruber's research highlights how too many young people aren’t getting enough sleep and the consequences that has for their performance at school. She is working with teachers now to bring that message directly to students during the school day.


The age of anxiety

A growing number of university students are facing formidable mental health challenges – anxiety, depression and loneliness. McGill is adopting a new approach to supporting its students, one that is focused on promoting wellness.


The dangers of living online

In his new book The Internet Trap, Ashesh Mukherjee, an associate professor of marketing at the Desautels Faculty of Management, looks at some of the less appealing ways in which the online world affects us and offers suggestions about what we can do about it.

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