Video Games


Bringing “the sensation of being there” to music in video games

Schulich School of Music professors Wieslaw Woszczyk and Richard King are collaborating on an ambitious project that could change the way video games sound. “We want to reconstruct, as much as possible, the sensation of being there.”


Transforming gamers into citizen scientists

McGill's Jérôme Waldispühl is working with a surprisingly productive group of collaborators – the fans of the hugely popular Borderlands video games. In the very first week, these gamers solved 20 million puzzles designed to help medical scientists.


Building a video game smash between classes

When he wasn’t working on his computer science courses at McGill, Justin Stander, BSc’15, was laying the groundwork for Katana Zero, one of 2019’s hottest video games.

Jade Raymond presenting in front the Stadia logo People

Taking her game to a whole new level

As one of the driving forces behind Assassin’s Creed, Jade Raymond, BSc’98, helped establish Montreal as a major player in the world of gaming. Now, she is leading the charge as Google shakes up the video game industry with a bold new foray into cloud-based gaming.


Making the unbelievable more believable

Video game graphics can be remarkably realistic, but even the smallest imperfection can throw everything off.  A new partnership between McGill’s Derek Nowrouzezahrai and Ubisoft Montreal hopes to take computer graphics to unprecedented new levels of realism.

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