Visual Arts

Chloë Ryan and a robot from Acrylic Robotics People

A marriage of art and technology

Chloë Ryan is an artist, a McGill-trained engineer, and the CEO/founder of Acrylic Robotics. Her company plans to partner with artists to make high-quality reproductions of their work – right down to the brushstrokes – by using robots and AI. The goal is to help artists find new markets for their creations.

Sarah Milroy walking with Prince Charles Culture

There’s a lot more to Canadian art than the Group of Seven

As the executive director of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Sarah Milroy oversees an institution whose collection includes works by the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson - some of the most famous art ever produced in Canada. But Milroy insists that is only one part of the McMichael story.


Doing justice to an elusive genius

Andy Warhol's extraordinary career was an ever-changing act of radical self-creation. A new biography by Blake Gopnik, BA'88, explores the life of the reclusive icon who produced some of the 20th century's most influential art.


A remarkable eye for McGill moments

For decades, Owen Egan, BA'87, has been a fixture on McGill's campuses, photographing starship captains, singing legends, world leaders, and thousands of McGillians. Egan is now sharing some of his favourite McGill photos online. 


Bringing Halloween magic to the streets of New York

The eerie creatures that annually set the tone for New York's beloved Village Halloween Parade have been created by Sophia Michahelles, BA’98, and her collaborators for more than two decades.


Forging enthusiasm for an ancient craft

Do-it-yourself blacksmithing is on the rise and Nicholas Wicks Moreau, BA&Sc’10, hopes to foster even more interest in this centuries-old craft with his new book, The Everyday Blacksmith.


Fine art photographer’s dazzling display

Neil Dankoff remembers the sense of wonder he felt seeing the lit-up screen of a digital camera in the late ‘90s. “Now it’s just so commonplace to see that even on your phone,” says Dankoff, BA’92. “But back then it was one of those really jaw-dropping technology advances.”


A less intimidating way to collect art

Are you interested in art, but nervous in galleries? Would you like some help getting started? Alexa Samuels, BA’94, has just the website for you.

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