Chloë Ryan and a robot from Acrylic Robotics People

A marriage of art and technology

Chloë Ryan is an artist, a McGill-trained engineer, and the CEO/founder of Acrylic Robotics. Her company plans to partner with artists to make high-quality reproductions of their work – right down to the brushstrokes – by using robots and AI. The goal is to help artists find new markets for their creations.

Maryse Bertrand People

New Board chair motivated to make a difference

Maryse Bertrand, BCL’80, the new chair of McGill’s Board of Governors, brings a varied legal and corporate background to the role. She will climb a mountain for a good cause (and we mean that literally).

The Retail Innovation Lab, located in the Bronfman Building, is a handy spot for McGillians who want to grab a quick snack between classes. It is also the site for an array of research projects looking at consumer behaviour and other aspects of retail operations. Discovery

A research lab that looks like a dep (because it is a dep)

The Retail Innovation Lab is a handy spot on campus for McGillians looking to grab a quick snack between classes. A partnership between McGill’s Bensadoun School of Retail Management and Couche-Tard, it is also the site for research examining consumer behaviour and other aspects of retail operations.

Éric Lachance leaning on a railing in an atrium People

Not the CEO from central casting (and he sees that as a strength)

Éric Lachance, BCom’96, might not be the sort of charismatic extrovert that we typically associate with the role of CEO, but the McGill alum who heads the Quebec energy giant Énergir insists there is more than one approach to effective leadership. He is putting that to the test as he leads his company on a greener path forward.

Daniel Goodfellow is the president and founder of Werkliv, a Montreal-based real estate development firm that focuses on student housing (Photo: Christinne Muschi) People

Affordable student housing is his specialty

Werkliv founder Daniel Goodfellow, BSc’07, is a real estate developer with a very specific focus – student housing. He is out to make a profit, but he is also committed to an approach that emphasizes reasonable rents and sustainable practices.

Frédéric Aubé is the CEO and founder of Cozey, Canada’s first sofa-in-a-box e-commerce company People

Why your next couch might come in a box

Frédéric Aubé, BA’21, remembers what it's like to struggle with a bulky couch on a steep staircase on moving day in Montreal. It's one of the reasons he started Cozey, Canada’s first sofa-in-a-box e-commerce company.


How a Montreal company is reinventing tutoring

On his first day as a student at McGill’s Faculty of Education, Philip Cutler, BEd’13, demonstrated his entrepreneurial streak. He asked his classmates if they’d give him a cut for every student he found for them to tutor. Now his company Paper, which he co-founded with Roberto Cipriani, BSc’08, is one of the largest tutoring services in the […]

Clutch CEO Dan Park (left) and COO and founder Steve Seibel (Photo: Glenn Lowson) People

An “Amazon” for buying used cars

Dan Park, BCom’03, and his team at Clutch plan to make it as easy to buy a used car as it is to order a pizza online. And in the process, they want to disrupt an industry known for its old-fashioned and sometimes dodgy ways.


Telemedicine company inspires alumni hiring initiative

Anna Chif became interested in virtual healthcare after in-person trips to the doctor for prescription refills made caring for her ailing grandmother more difficult. Chif co-founded Dialogue, a Canadian telemedicine company, in 2016, only four years after graduating from McGill with a Bachelor of Commerce.

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