David Gaucher showcasing Wholly Veggie products People

Making it fun to eat your veggies

If your idea of eating vegetables is restricted to canned peas and boiled cabbage, David Gaucher, BEng’06, would like a word. He is the co-founder of Wholly Veggie, and his company’s frozen vegetarian fare puts an emphasis on flavour.

Luc Sirois smiling People

Leading the charge for innovation in Quebec

As Quebec’s chief innovation officer, Luc Sirois, BEng’92, hopes to contribute to the province’s economic growth.

Jim-West-Justin-West-square-crop Culture

A father and son in tune with the music business

Some of the best music released in Canada, albums that have contended for Junos and the Polaris Prize, come from a pair of Montreal-based record labels. Meet Jim West, BA’79, the president of Justin Time Records, and his son Justin West, BCom’04, the president of Secret City Records.

Anika Sawni, pouring a Grüvi People

Having a Grüvi time without alcohol

At a time when health experts are urging people to dramatically cut down on their alcohol consumption, Anika Sawni, BA&Sc’19, the co-founder of Grüvi, is inviting consumers to give her company's award-winning non-alcoholic beers, wines and sangria a try.

Aspire Food Group co-founders Mohammed Ashour and Gabe Mott (Photo: Aspire Food Group) Society

Why the future of farming might be … bugs?

In 2013, five McGill MBA students won the $1 million Hult Prize with a unique idea for addressing world hunger – insect protein. A decade later, that victory has led to a pair of businesses that want us to think about crickets and palm larvae in a whole new way.

Amélie Dionne-Charest and Caroline Bérubé People

From McGill law to Canadian business leaders in Asia

Caroline Bérubé set out to find her niche in the legal profession and became a serial entrepreneur along the way. Amélie Dionne-Charest became an entrepreneur “by accident”.

Nancy Mayo smiling outdoors On Campus

McGill Innovation Fund takes aim at the “valley of death”

McGill professors like Nancy Mayo who want to commercialize the fruits of their research and take them to the marketplace face daunting obstacles. The McGill Innovation Fund aims to improve the odds for their success.

Louis Morissette People

The entrepreneurial comedian

Louis Morissette, B.Com'1995 is one of the most influential personalities in Quebec, whether in front of the cameras or behind the scenes. The talented writer, actor and producer attributes part of his success to the business skills he developed during his undergraduate studies at McGill, among other things.

Daniel Goodfellow is the president and founder of Werkliv, a Montreal-based real estate development firm that focuses on student housing (Photo: Christinne Muschi) People

Affordable student housing is his specialty

Werkliv founder Daniel Goodfellow, BSc’07, is a real estate developer with a very specific focus – student housing. He is out to make a profit, but he is also committed to an approach that emphasizes reasonable rents and sustainable practices.

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