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Melissa Holland Health

The therapeutic value of clowning around 

Melissa Holland, BEd’98, is the co-founder and co-artistic director of the Dr. Clown Foundation. Their troupe of trained therapeutic clowns (and that includes her) bring comfort, compassion, and plenty of laughs to hospitalized children and seniors in care facilities.

Aron Lee gazing wistfully Society

Reflecting on a year without the internet

For a full 12 months, McGill faculty lecturer Aron Lee Rosenberg, MA’19, PhD’23, avoided smartphones, social media and email. His new book raises questions about how we interact with the internet

Kid Koala, a pioneering innovator of turntable music, performed at student dorm parties while pursuing an education degree at McGill (Photo: Corinne Merrell) Culture

From DJing at Gerts to touring with Radiohead

Before he became a pioneer of turntable music and a contributor to Hollywood soundtracks, Kid Koala (aka Eric San, BEd’96) performed at student dorm parties while pursuing an education degree at McGill.

Teacher standing and students sitting around a whiteboard On Campus

Educational insights that aren’t just for the classroom

McGill’s new Bachelor of Arts (Education); Major in Education in Global Contexts was created for students who want an in-depth understanding of teaching and learning, but who aren’t interested in becoming school teachers. Instead, they are considering careers in NGOs, international aid agencies, and governments.


A champion for the world’s girls

Claudia Mitchell, a pioneer in the field of girlhood studies, recently received one of Quebec's most prestigious research prizes for her work with girls around the world. Don't be surprised if the next Greta Thunberg was involved in one of her studies.


The barriers to education for homeless youth

When a young person doesn’t have stable housing, succeeding in school can be incredibly challenging. McGill doctoral student Jayne Malenfant knows this from her research – and from her own life experience.

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