Hazy city skyline Webcasts

Up in smoke: Understanding the health hazards of wildfire pollution

As devastating wildfires continue to ravage landscapes across Canada, the fallout extends far beyond charred forests and scorched earth.

Chinese tourists and investors examine a highly detailed model of Malaysia's Forest City (photo provided by Sarah Moser) Discovery

Tracking the bold promise of new planned cities

Sarah Moser is the head of McGill’s New Cities Lab and a leading expert on the global phenomenon of new master-planned cities, many of them described as “smart cities.” While these new cities often have idealistic goals, they aren’t without controversy.


This pioneering Arctic scientist is on NASA’s radar

What do MARS (the McGill Arctic Research Station) and Mars (the red planet) have in common? The Answer: Wayne Pollard. For almost 40 years, Pollard has carried out pioneering work in exploring Arctic waters, from perennial springs to permafrost and ground ice.

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