Lesley Fellows and Viviane Yargeau On Campus

Trailblazing deans

Two Faculties recently made McGill history with the appointments of their first female deans. Vivianne Yargeau (Engineering) and Lesley Fellows, BSc’90, MDCM’96, MedResident’01 (Medicine and Health Sciences) talk about their careers and the work they hope to do in their new roles.

Illustration of a doctor standing beside an MRI machine Health

Betting big on open science

The Neuro and its Tanenbaum Open Science Institute are committed to making its research as freely available and transparent as possible, while encouraging other neuroscience institutions to do the same.


The sensational centenarian

A simple drawing exercise led Brenda Milner, PhD’52, DSc’91, to a discovery that would radically rearrange everything we thought we knew about memory.

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