Passenger sitting in an airport terminal Webcasts

Unfriendly skies: how did air travel become so irritating?

Don’t miss the latest edition of the McGill News webcast where the focus is on air travel.

Airplane landing at dusk Webcasts

Navigating the current state of global aviation

McGill experts weigh in on what these turbulent times mean for air travellers and the airline industry.

Clutch CEO Dan Park (left) and COO and founder Steve Seibel (Photo: Glenn Lowson) People

An “Amazon” for buying used cars

Dan Park, BCom’03, and his team at Clutch plan to make it as easy to buy a used car as it is to order a pizza online. And in the process, they want to disrupt an industry known for its old-fashioned and sometimes dodgy ways.


A high-flying Hall of Famer

Kathy Fox arrived in spectacular fashion at a 1971 event celebrating McGill’s 150th anniversary. She parachuted down to Lower Campus. Fox, BSc’72, MBA’86, at one time the head of McGill’s skydiving club, was one of three members to jump from a plane while a crowd of 5,000 watched from below. In his account of the […]


Exploring the ramifications of Uberland

Alex Rosenblat, BA’10, logged more than 5,000 miles with Uber drivers in 25 North American cities to write Uberland, her new book about how the ride-hailing app is changing the world of work.

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