Spring 2024

4 researchers sitting in a boat in a lake

McGill professors and students have access to a unique network of field research stations. These stations, which include the Bellairs Research Institute in Barbados and the Gault Nature Reserve at Mont-Sainte-Hilaire, offer researchers the opportunity to explore the natural world up close.

Joe Schwarcz and Catherine Wang

On Campus

Combatting quackery 

Dedicated to promoting science literacy and to pushing back against misinformation, McGill’s Office for Science and Society (OSS) regularly reaches large audiences through a variety of means (podcasts, newspaper columns, YouTube, online courses) to further its mission of “separating sense from nonsense.”

Jean-Philippe Darche and Mathieu Darche

À la une

Les frères Darche : le sport en famille 

Jean-Philippe Darche et Mathieu Darche ont réussi la transition du étudiant-athlète à McGill au sport professionnel. Leur carrière d’athlète est peut-être terminée, mais leur influence dans le milieu du sport ne se dément pas – et ils ont une bague de la coupe Stanley et du Super Bowl pour le prouver. (This story is also available in English.)

From An accomplishment worth kvelling about 

“[Montreal] was probably one of the last cities in the world where Yiddish was widely spoken within the Jewish community, not just by old people but by the Canadian-born generation.”

Aaron Lansky

Aaron Lansky
Founder and President of the Yiddish Book Center

Melissa Holland Health

The therapeutic value of clowning around 

Melissa Holland, BEd’98, is the co-founder and co-artistic director of the Dr. Clown Foundation. Their troupe of trained therapeutic clowns (and that includes her) bring comfort, compassion, and plenty of laughs to hospitalized children and seniors in care facilities.

Chloë Ryan and a robot from Acrylic Robotics People

A marriage of art and technology

Chloë Ryan is an artist, a McGill-trained engineer, and the CEO/founder of Acrylic Robotics. Her company plans to partner with artists to make high-quality reproductions of their work – right down to the brushstrokes – by using robots and AI. The goal is to help artists find new markets for their creations.

Le 9e, Montreal (Eaton Centre) Culture

Bringing a Montreal icon back to life 

The ninth-floor restaurant at the Eaton's store on Sainte-Catherine Street was renowned for its Art Deco style and officially recognized as a historic monument by the Quebec government. Georges Drolet, an architect with expertise in heritage buildings, played a leading role in the downtown landmark's rebirth.

In Memoriam

Spring 2024
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