Faculty of Engineering

Chloë Ryan and a robot from Acrylic Robotics People

A marriage of art and technology

Chloë Ryan is an artist, a McGill-trained engineer, and the CEO/founder of Acrylic Robotics. Her company plans to partner with artists to make high-quality reproductions of their work – right down to the brushstrokes – by using robots and AI. The goal is to help artists find new markets for their creations.

Lesley Fellows and Viviane Yargeau On Campus

Trailblazing deans

Two Faculties recently made McGill history with the appointments of their first female deans. Vivianne Yargeau (Engineering) and Lesley Fellows, BSc’90, MDCM’96, MedResident’01 (Medicine and Health Sciences) talk about their careers and the work they hope to do in their new roles.

David Gaucher showcasing Wholly Veggie products People

Making it fun to eat your veggies

If your idea of eating vegetables is restricted to canned peas and boiled cabbage, David Gaucher, BEng’06, would like a word. He is the co-founder of Wholly Veggie, and his company’s frozen vegetarian fare puts an emphasis on flavour.

Luc Sirois smiling People

Leading the charge for innovation in Quebec

As Quebec’s chief innovation officer, Luc Sirois, BEng’92, hopes to contribute to the province’s economic growth.

An illustration of the DART spacecraft approaching the asteroid Dimorphos (Image: NASA) People

On the front lines of a historic space test

Earth-threatening asteroids have been the subjects of films like Armageddon and Don’t Look Up. Julie Bellerose, BEng’03, played a major role in a NASA project that proved that menacing asteroids can be knocked off course.

Ken Jennings and Vince Bacani Webcasts

Meet McGill’s Jeopardy! champion

Every year, McGill graduates impress the world with their intellectual achievements. But rarely do these triumphs take place before a live studio audience, and in plain sight of over nine million viewers across the United States and Canada.

Brenda Milner is McGill's Dorothy J. Killam Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the Montreal Neurological Institute - Hospital (Photo: Owen Egan) People

The centenarians have their say

As McGill marked its 200th anniversary, we checked in with some of the graduates who have lived for at least half that time, to get a sense of the history they saw firsthand at the University – including war, landmark research breakthroughs and at least one snowball fight that enraged a principal.

Noubar Afeyan standing alongside a river Health

McGill’s Moderna connection

Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine is one of the planet’s best hopes for prevailing against a pandemic that has affected millions around the world. Noubar Afeyan, BEng’83 (pictured), is the company's co-founder, while Hamilton Bennett, BSc(FSc)’07, is one of the principal players leading Moderna’s vaccine efforts.


The quest for a low-cost ventilator for the world

Even before COVID, “there were already a lot of people dying every year from the lack of ventilators,” says Reza Farivar, MSc’02, PhD’08. Together with the Montreal General Hospital Foundation, the McGill Engine, and others, he is leading an ambitious effort to change that.

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