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Christina Cattaneo in a scene from Pure Unknown Society

Determined to give them back their names

Forensic scientist Cristina Cattaneo, BSc’87, heads up an effort in Italy to identify migrants who have perished in their attempts to reach Europe. “It’s important for the living, not just for the dignity of the dead.”

Frederick Bertley jumping with vaporous Erlenmeyer flask People

Science with ‘a funky, cool vibe’

As an immunologist, Frederic Bertley, BSc’94, PhD’00, once worked on vaccines for HIV/AIDS at Harvard. Now, he shares his passion for discovery as the head of an award-winning science museum in the U.S.

Carlos Duarte smiling in from of sea ice Discovery

This top marine ecologist puts an emphasis on hope

Don’t tell Carlos Duarte, PhD’87, the oceans are dying. He’s heard it before, as one of the world’s most respected marine ecologists, and he has a clear message for those who lament about the state of marine ecosystems: “We’re within reach to achieve a positive future for our oceans but we have to stop focusing on […]

Anika Sawni, pouring a Grüvi People

Having a Grüvi time without alcohol

At a time when health experts are urging people to dramatically cut down on their alcohol consumption, Anika Sawni, BA&Sc’19, the co-founder of Grüvi, is inviting consumers to give her company's award-winning non-alcoholic beers, wines and sangria a try.

On Campus

McGill summer undergraduate research projects a go despite COVID-19

It's a welcome bit of good news amid the ongoing pandemic: McGill's faculties of Arts, Engineering and Science will all go ahead with this summer's undergraduate research projects.

On Campus

Sharing their passion for science

Noor Al-Sharif is standing in front of a Montreal classroom, asking a group of grade four students to draw a scientist. Most of them sketch an Einstein-like character: a man with wild white hair, a lab coat, perhaps a beaker or two. Soon after, when Al-Sharif reveals that she’s a scientist herself, the reaction in the room falls somewhere between awe and disbelief.

Audrey Moores posing outside in a yellow dress Discovery

The secret to biodegradable plastic is … lobster shells?

Associate professor of chemistry Audrey Moores has co-developed a new biodegradable form of plastic. The key ingredient is chitosan, derived from the chitin in crustacean shells.


Serial inventor wins world’s top bioengineering prize

You might not be familiar with his name, but Leonard Pinchuk, BSc’76, DSc’05, is the inventive mind behind medical devices that have helped tens of millions of people. Last month, he won the world’s top prize in bioengineering.

On Campus

Why wait for grad school?

Thanks to an array of opportunities at the undergraduate level, a growing number of McGill students are getting the chance to experience the joys (and frustrations) of working on major research projects before finishing their bachelor’s degrees.

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