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Frederick Bertley jumping with vaporous Erlenmeyer flask People

Science with ‘a funky, cool vibe’

As an immunologist, Frederic Bertley, BSc’94, PhD’00, once worked on vaccines for HIV/AIDS at Harvard. Now, he shares his passion for discovery as the head of an award-winning science museum in the U.S.

Aron Lee gazing wistfully Society

Reflecting on a year without the internet

For a full 12 months, McGill faculty lecturer Aron Lee Rosenberg, MA’19, PhD’23, avoided smartphones, social media and email. His new book raises questions about how we interact with the internet

Illustration of a doctor standing beside an MRI machine Health

Betting big on open science

The Neuro and its Tanenbaum Open Science Institute are committed to making its research as freely available and transparent as possible, while encouraging other neuroscience institutions to do the same.

Aifred Health's management team has several McGill graduates on it, including (l to r) vice president strategic planning Sonia Israel, vice president research Kelly Perlman, chief science officer David Benrimoh, and chief technology officer Caitrin Armstrong (photo: Owen Egan and Joni Dufour) Discovery

Innovative depression app gets million-dollar boost

Created by four McGill alums, Aifred Health is developing an app that uses AI to speed up the process for finding the right medications to treat patients with clinical depression. Aifred recently scored a huge win, earning $1 million USD in the international IBM Watson AI XPRIZE competition.

Black female scientist looking through a microscope Discovery

Shedding light on the inventor gender gap

Men are still far more likely than women to be inventors – and that might have a big impact on the availability of new medical technologies that benefit women. “Does who gets opportunities to invent affect what gets invented?” asks McGill’s John-Paul Ferguson.

Noubar Afeyan standing alongside a river Health

McGill’s Moderna connection

Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine is one of the planet’s best hopes for prevailing against a pandemic that has affected millions around the world. Noubar Afeyan, BEng’83 (pictured), is the company's co-founder, while Hamilton Bennett, BSc(FSc)’07, is one of the principal players leading Moderna’s vaccine efforts.

Peter Ilott hugs a colleague as they celebrate the science rover Curiosity's successful landing on Mars in 2012 (Photo: Brian Van Der Brug/Reuters). Discovery

“Talking” to Perseverance: A Mars veteran’s new mission

Did life exist on Mars about 3.7 billion years ago? Telecom systems engineer Peter Ilott, BSc’80, PhD’88, has been part of four successive NASA rover missions to the red planet.

A wastewater treatment facility (Photo: iStock) Discovery

An early warning system for COVID in communities

In February, 2020, when the world changed, Newsha Ghaeli, MArch’13, and her company quickly adapted.


The quest for a low-cost ventilator for the world

Even before COVID, “there were already a lot of people dying every year from the lack of ventilators,” says Reza Farivar, MSc’02, PhD’08. Together with the Montreal General Hospital Foundation, the McGill Engine, and others, he is leading an ambitious effort to change that.

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