Go to class. All of them.
The McGill Alumni Association asked alumni what advice they would give to their first-year McGill student self. With new McGill students cramming for mid-terms, we thought we’d share some insights from those who have gone before them.
 A whole new way of looking at the sky
McGill’s Matt Dobbs, BSc’97, is one of the key architects behind the CHIME project, a new attempt to understand how dark energy drove a dramatic expansion of the universe billions of years ago.
A Distinction Well Earned
A long-time volunteer for McGill in Hong Kong, Barbara Wei Ting Chan, BCom’77, was recognized this year with the Robert Fung International Award of Distinction.
Search engine pioneer inducted into Internet Hall of Fame
As a McGill computer science student back in the eighties, Alan Emtage, BSc’87, MSc’91, was just looking for a way to make his work easier. Decades later, the solution he came up with has put him into the Internet Hall of Fame.
McGill law student gets to shadow Prime Minister Trudeau for a day
McGill law student Breanne Lavallée-Heckert got to shadow Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the job last week as part of the #GirlsBelongHere initiative. It was a day to remember.
A new blueprint for the School of Architecture
A landmark $12-million gift from renowned Canadian-Chinese architect Peter Fu, DipMinHous’91, to the McGill School of Architecture will create new support for students, along with academic chairs, professorships, collaborative research opportunities and more.