The ancestry sleuth
After running an internationally successful business, Stanley Diamond, BCom’54, moved on to his next challenge – launching one of the largest genealogical resources in the world, an effort that has helped change some peoples’ lives.
From every corner of the Earth
They come from Boston and Beijing, from Barcelona and Bangalore. More than a quarter of McGill's students come from other countries and they play an essential role in making the University a special place.
The education of a political candidate
In his most recent book, author Noah Richler, BA'83, chronicles his experiences as a political candidate in the 2015 federal election. It was an inspiring and humbling experience he won't soon forget.
Bridging the political divide with books
Do Democrats and Republicans have anything in common? According to a recent study co-authored by McGill’s Andrew Piper, the answer might be To Kill A Mockingbird.
The lowdown on concussions
McGill’s strengths in concussion research will be highlighted at an upcoming event that also involves some big names from the sports world.
Celebrating 60 years of Opera McGill
For six decades, McGill’s opera program has molded its students into polished performers. The program pushes at boundaries, while respecting opera’s rich traditions.

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