Brian Mulroney Webcasts

Brian Mulroney: remembering the man and his political legacy

As Canadians get set to bid farewell to The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, LLD’17, in this special episode of the McGill alumni webcast, we’ll bring an academic lens to the political legacy of Canada’s 18th Prime Minister.

Debra Thompson leaning against an orange tile wall Society

‘A million dimensions of inequality’

In her podcast series In/Equality, Debra Thompson, an associate professor in McGill’s Department of Political Science, interviews leading academic experts about different aspects of inequality. She wants to ‘create shortcuts’ to provide her audience with nuanced and accessible information about complicated issues.

Christina Cattaneo in a scene from Pure Unknown Society

Determined to give them back their names

Forensic scientist Cristina Cattaneo, BSc’87, heads up an effort in Italy to identify migrants who have perished in their attempts to reach Europe. “It’s important for the living, not just for the dignity of the dead.”

Arif Virani Society

A new face for Canada’s top justice job

Canada’s justice minister and attorney general Arif Virani on tackling online hate, the importance of diversity in the judiciary, and how kicking around a soccer ball can break through partisan divisions even in a deeply polarized Parliament.

Maria Popova Discovery

Exploring the roots of the war in Ukraine

After Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, Maria Popova became one of the media’s most popular go-to experts for providing context for the conflict. The McGill associate professor of political science has a new book out that examines the factors that led to the war.

A crowd waving American flags in front of a government building Webcasts

Insights on the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election

American voters go to the polls next year to choose their next president in what is increasingly shaping up as a rematch of the 2020 election.

Frances Haugen testifying People

A leading advocate for responsible tech joins McGill

She has been on the cover of Time and U.S. president Joe Biden cited her during his State of the Union address last year. Now Frances Haugen is joining McGill’s Centre for Media, Technology and Democracy as its new senior-fellow-in-residence.

Eric-Girard People

A minister for both the economy and English-speaking Quebecers

As Quebec’s finance minister, Eric Girard, BCom’89, already had a lot on his plate. Now, he has an additional responsibility – he’ll be trying to improve relations between his Coalition Avenir Québec government and the province’s anglophone community.

Flag of Sudan Webcasts

Sudan in Crisis

Just four years after its dictator was chased from power, the nation of Sudan, the third largest in Africa, is immersed in a new and extremely violent conflict, with hundreds dead and tens of thousands seeking to flee the country.

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