Spiders – A Tale of Fear, Loathing and Fascination

Earlier this year, a scientific study suggested that the reason many of us are afraid of spiders can be traced to one thing: bad press. But was that explanation enough to convince the most extreme arachnophobes to overcome their fears?

Streamed live: November 8, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.

In this episode of the Made by McGill alumni webcast our intrepid moderator tries to overcome his own fear of spiders in the company of the McGill researcher who contributed to the landmark study, and a psychology professor who specializes in understanding and treating irrational fears and phobias.


Catherine Scott, NSERC Postdoctoral fellow, Lyman Laboratory, McGill University; Natural historian and behavioural ecologist.

Prof. Anna Weinberg, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology; Canada Research Chair in Clinical Neuroscience; Director, Translational Research in Affect and Cognition Laboratory.

Moderated by Derek Cassoff. Managing Director, Communications, University Advancement; and lifelong arachnophobe.

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